The Golden Rose

The sun was golden and warm, the breeze gently carrying the scents of an Australian summer; dried grass, softly perfumed flowers and the quiet hum of birds and cicadas.

The rose garden was in full bloom and the morning sun had fallen perfectly across the flower beds, lighting them with a soft golden hue. I couldn’t resist capturing their beauty during a morning walk with my husband and daughter through our local historic town, Camden.

This is one of my favorite prints from my collection; I adore the vibrancy and softness of the image. ‘The Golden Rose’ is currently available in my Etsy Shop as an 8x10” print with white boarder for easy matting and framing and is hand signed by me! I’m also taking custom orders, so if you have a size or finish request please don’t hesitate to contact me. And just a reminder that watermarks do not appear on prints!

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