The inspiration was there all along

The past few weeks have been some of the most difficult in my life. After the recent and very sudden passing of a loved one I’m suddenly stumbling over words, confusing feelings or even at times wondering where they have suddenly all gone

This particular person was an incredible artist, tattooist and musician but most importantly my family. Someone I looked up to and admired, both artistically and like a big brother.

I’ve been busy being a new mum and focusing on my photography over the past few months and although the creative juices are flowing more than ever, I have felt as though an area of my work has hit a brick wall. I’d pushed aside my passion for charcoal drawing to make way for my new found love of ink illustrations which I will continue to lovingly create.

A few months ago now I hesitantly revealed some of my charcoal drawings to this person whose stunned and praising reaction meant a lot to me. And although I didn’t pounce at a tattoo gun like he had suggested, it was this praise and encouragement that helped guide me to begin this (slightly modified) medieval self portrait a few months ago.

I had thought I had lost motivation and inspiration. I realise now that it was there all along, through the love, support and encouragement from my family and friends. This praise and guidance is the purest form of inspiration to keep me motivated. 

I love sharing this journey of personal and artistic growth with you all. I will post progress up-dates as often as I can, including a new charcoal drawing which is currently taking shape in my head.

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