Party planning made easy with this turquoise and coral party planner!

This past month I've spent hours reminiscing and feeling as though this past year has flown by. I can't believe my little girl is one... yes, ONE! I have to choke back a tear every time I say it.

Despite the quiet moments spent watching her and lapping up her new found confidence, watching her wonder about exploring the world, making a mess and pulling out a few delightful (cough, cough) tantrums, I've been busy planning her first birthday.

Nothing over the top, just a few close family members at our home but it still took a great deal of organizing and preparing, so.... I created my turquoise and coral PARTY PLANNER!!! Hip Hip Hooray!

Without this little planner, I'd have been lost in a sea of menus and decorations. But we had such an incredible day spoiling our little girl and making happy memories, I'm looking forward to pulling out those embarrassing 1st birthday photos at her 21st!

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